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Midnight Laughter

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Finals finals finals [07 Dec 2006|02:37pm]
Things have been slightly hectic as of late. But I just found out that I can get a 5 on my physics final and still get a C-, so i'm in the clear! I just have that and my Human evolution final left to go, and all my papers are written, so life is pretty good.

Oh, and the most brilliant thing EVER got sent out to the IB fun mailing list. It is the broadway casts of Fiddler on the Roof and Avenue Q doing a short spoof together. Avenue Jew. Here's the playbill article about it:


and the youtube video


It's fantastic and totally made my day.
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:oD [16 Nov 2006|02:00am]
[ mood | alright! ]

Life is going well.

I'm busy, of course, very busy. And I'm currently dancing atop the fence surrounding the yard of failure in physics, but so far I haven't fallen in. Its a fun dance, though. And if I fall, well, shit happens. I'll retake it next fall. We're doing relativity and that's always fun. It makes me miss Gagnon and Kiefer, though. And Hamblin too. Awesome teachers.

I'm psyched to come home for thanksgiving! SJST meeting, marching band reunion at the football game, thanksgiving dinner, and my puppy! It's gonna be awesome!

Speaking of puppies, the local humane society has a TON of adorable dogs and kerith and I spent the afternoon playing with them. It was awesome. Our favorite was Dartanian (I know that's spelled wrong, it's how it was on his cage) a chow mix that was adorable and overly friendly and amazing. We totally wanted to get him right then. But we resisted, sadly. :(

I'm getting back into Whistlers, which I had to take a few week hiatus on during the fiddler run. Its great to be swinging on the old improv vine again and hoping nothing breaks. :D

So long story short, physics, theatre, and improv are eating my life and I'm never bored. Who could ask for more?

How much does it cost? I'll buy it
The time is all we've lost, I'll try it
But he can't even run his own life
I'll be damned if he'll run mine, Sunshine

Sunshine go away today
I don't feel much like dancing
Some man's gone he's tried to run my life
Don't know what he's asking

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[04 Nov 2006|02:21pm]
Well, that answers THAT question.

Great Big Sea - Consequence Free

Wouldn't it be great, if no one ever got offended
Wouldn't it be great to say what's really on your mind
I have always said 'all the rules are made for bending'
And if I let my hair down, would that be such a crime?

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter
I wanna be consequence free
just sing Na Na Na Na Na Ne Na Na Na

I could really use, to lose my Catholic conscience
Cuz I'm getting sick of feeling guilty all the time
I won't abuse it, Yeah I've got the best intentions
For a little bit of anarchy but not the hurting kind

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter
I wanna be consequence free
just sing Na Na Na Na Na Ne Na Na Na

I couldn't sleep at all last night
cause I had so much on my mind
I'd like to leave it all behind,
but you know it's not that easy

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter
I wanna be consequence free
just sing Na Na Na Na Na Ne Na Na Na

Wouldn't it be great, if the band just never ended
We could stay out late and we would never hear last call
We wouldn't need to worry about approval or permission,
we could - slip off the edge and never worry about the fall

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter
I wanna be consequence free
just sing Na Na Na Na Na Ne Na Na Na
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Christ. [11 Oct 2006|06:12am]
What the hell are we doing? All of us. Are we pretentious enough to think that our actions matter, that we can make a difference? Are we? And if we don't believe we'll make a difference, why are we bothering?

We aren't special. We aren't different. We aren't unique. We're the same as millions of other kids with hopes and dreams that are all bullshit and worthless. Got a dream? Who doesn't? So fucking what. You think anything's going to come of that? Are you going to be that famous actor? You going to discover some scientific secret? Cure cancer? Fuck that. You won't, and we all know it. Top ten percent of your class, mixed in with the top ten percent of thousands of other classes. You think you're top ten percent in those? Because you're not.

I'm in a terrible terrible mood. Holy crap. Catch me later and I'll be cheerful happy-go-lucky the world is always right Laura. That's the me I like being and I'll stick with her. But right now, I feel like collapsing in a heap and sobbing. Jesus. And not for any good reason, either. I'm a fucking mess. Hold it together. Always holding. Because my problems are unimportant and pointless. Other people have bigger problems, and even their problems don't mean shit. Don't pay attention to them, they'll go away, and take care of themselves. Don't think. Thank you Mick Napier. Don't fucking think. Do something. Anything. Now look at what you did. Good. Do something else.

Hah. Breathe. Quit whining, shutup, breathe, and listen. It doesn't matter. It never has mattered. It never will matter. Its pointless. Its college. Fuck it and run. It'd be a lot easier to shrug off if it didn't cost 160,000 dollars. But its just one thing. And you CAN do it, because you've done it before and you're going to do it again. Fuck sleep. You don't need sleep. Live. Just fucking let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

Its going. Holy crap, its going. Just letting my words run on gets rid of it. I'm good now. I've always been good. Always will be good. Just gotta let it go. Oh well, a touch of grey kind of suits you anyway. That was all I had to say. It's alright. I will get by. I will get by. I will get by. I will survive.
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Mildly stupid... [02 Oct 2006|12:28am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Things are rolling along fairly smoothly, give or take a physics test. We'll see how that one turned out. Other than that, I'm doing pretty well.

Well, I did punch a soda machine today. A couple times. But it deserved it. My knuckles are a bit cutup, and there's a bruise spreading across my hand. Other than THAT, I'm doing dandy.

Pirates! Much thanks to Andrew and Eriq for telling me the game was worth my time. It TOTALLY is. Its the perfect college time-waster because you can save whenever and start and stop as much as you want. And your a pirate. What more do you want out of life? It's awesome and I love it very much. Hurrah!

I think I'm coming down with something, but hopefully some vitamins and healthy food can ward it off. I'm not in the mood to be sick.

Fiddler on the Roof is looking good, if depressing. That's really not a very cheerful musical... Ah, well, you can't really blame them when they're getting all pogromized and such.

Other than that, its just the usual school crap. But WILD is next weekend and Guster is the big band this semester, so it should be fun. Somehow, someone convinced Team31 that nobody wanted a rap artist as per tradition at fall WILD. Hooray that person!

Looking forward to debauchery and foolishness!


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Woot! [24 Sep 2006|11:49am]
[ mood | amazing ]

Hey y'all!

Life's awesome. Completely awesome. Threw a party here the other day, and it was a remarkable success. We were totally impressed with ourselves. Lots of friends, and a few folks we were unfamliliar with, plus one key gentleman who we suceeded in getting together with Julia. Granted, we made it REALLY obvious to him in a lot of different ways. Personal favorite here:

Eric and Julia are sitting on the couch chatting.
Lord Byron (intoxicated): Hey Eric, I read your horoscope today.
Eric: What?
Julia: ?
Lord Byron (intoxicated): It says you're supposed to fucking hook up with Julia.

We're good friends. At least, we're well intentioned. And Eric DID stay the night, so hey, I feel we succeeded. :D

Aside from that success, Kerith and Carli have been having boy troubles, to my great amusement. Hell, Mike has been having boy troubles too. To the point where he got REALLY drunk and then gave the ace of hearts card to a very confused and straight Ted. Poor Ted. That boy needs a girlfriend. He and I had another mini heart to heart after he got really drunk. This is the same Ted from last year who sat drunkenly pouring his heart out after his girlfriend dumped him after Hair.

Tony from downstairs gave me season 2 of Lost on iTunes and I'm almost done with it. Season 3 starts on October 4th! YAY! That's a good show.

Which reminds me: STEGGS GOT THE WOLF IN INTO THE WOODS! GO STEGGS! BE AWESOME! AND REALLY CREEPY! I wish I could be there to see you singing this song....

Good day, Mr. Wolf.


Look at that flesh,
Pink and plump.
Hello, little girl...

Tender and fresh,
Not one lump.
Hello, little girl...

This one's especially lush,

Cheers, folks!

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Tomfoolery [04 Sep 2006|12:22pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Class has started, which limits the full amount of fun to be had, but I think we're managing nonetheless. We went to the zoo and saw the baby elephant yesterday and penguins! And a small child in front of the puffin exhibit going "penguinpenguinpenguinpenguin" and we were just confused.

Life is dandy, I did a laundry (w00t) and I'm getting the second season of lost from Antonio downstairs. Whistlers is getting started again, and we have auditions in two days! I'm really psyched.

I feel bad for anyone who claims they don't dream. You DO dream, of course, you just don't remember them. I think that's a shame. Some of the most fun to be had is in dreaming. I had another dream of epic proportions last night. Those are always the best. It's like reading a book, but without any dull parts because you're actually part of the story. My dream from last night is slowly fading from my mind, but it was long, involved, and had all the aspects of a good story. Drama, fight scenes, bravery, cowardice, evil that had a purpose, and a protagonist or two. It was a good enough dream that I was able to wake up in the middle of it, and then fall back asleep and back into the dream. For anyone who doesn't dream, I highly recommend giving it a shot. It's awesome.

That's probably enough random tangents for today. Its a three day weekend, so I've got plenty of homework to get to.


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St. Louis once again [27 Aug 2006|03:54am]
[ mood | skippy ]

I'm back at college, and life seems to be picking up fast.

The comedy pre-orientation program went amazingly and I've picked up a bunch of froshmeister potential friends. They're potential because we haven't exchanged cell phone numbers and promises of constant attention, but we always exchange hugs when we see eachother. PHYSICAL CONTACT!!! zomg depp. hahah! My roommate hasn't moved in yet, but she's a theatre kid, so we'll get along find, I'm sure. Julia and I are seeing too much of eachother and talking too much improv and it's slightly overwhelming, but in a good way. I've returned to working in the scene shop, and life is awesome.

In other news, Peter and I broke up. Don't rush in with condolences, as I did the breaking up part. I know, it blows the mind, doesn't it? Laura making a decision and acting on it without consulting with her friends? Holy crap, she's not trying to be independent, is she? God I hope not. That'd just be terrible. :P Things are a little awkward right now, but only every now and then, and I'm just sort of waiting for that to pass so we can go back to hanging out as friends.

If I remember, I'm going to check out a contra dance tomorrow (well, really today) night. Rick said I could borrow his car, on the condition that he gets my soul if I crash it. I feel that's fair.

...yeah, that's all I got.

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Another update? [22 Jul 2006|06:41pm]
[ mood | upbeat ]

EriQ "nudge"d me on livejournal, a feature I did not know existed, which is basically a "hey, my life consists of nothing more than reading your journal and it hasn't been updated, so why bother living?" move. So, in the interest of pushing back EriQ's inevitable departure from this world, I shall update this silly thing once more.

In short, my life has been swallowed by responsibilities. I don't get more than 7 hours of sleep, even on weekends, and I'm perpetually running. I love it! Between work, getting in shape for frisbee, trying to see friends, and going to tech and rehearsals, my relaxation time has vanished into the same abyss that my favorite pair of socks vanished when I was eight. note: I never actually had a favorite pair of socks, I was just trying to be cool...*sniffle*.

In other news, I'm now co-lighting person for SJST, because Snellings couldn't do it. Woot for hanging/gelling/programming/setting cues in three days! I have to figure out how to get into the space soon, or we're all screwed. I'm very upsett with Berger because he got to go to USITT last year, which i REALLY wanted to go to, but couldn't take any more time off of class, even though it was in Louisville and REALLY close. Bastard.

OH! But I've found a couple of potential jobs for next summer that could be AWESOME. There's a stage/movie lighting company that doesn't mind hiring technical folks with minimal experience for repair work and the like, which I could try to get. Also, Jess tells me her dad would probably hire me to work at his contracting company! We were at their shop today because he was giving us any wood we wanted from there and it was SO COOL! Most of it was just a big shop with tons of wood and saws and awesomeness. But then Bob (her dad) mentioned that we could check out the offices and he points to this door in to the big blocked off area that I had previously assumed they just didn't own or something. So we go in this nondescript door, and suddenly we are in a house. A georgeous freakin' house with a working kitchen and everything. There's an UPSTAIRS and it has all these windows that just look out into the shop! Her dad shows us this one room with all these cabinets, and you pull on most of them and there are shelves and such, but you pull on one of them, and four of them swing out together and there's a hidden bathroom back there with a shower and everything! SO COOL!!! And he showed us some pictures of his other work, including some highrise that belonged to some millionaire in Boston that they gutted and redid. Apparently that one job was so nice that it is singlehandedly paying for Jess's college education. It was wicked wicked cool! So if the lighting job doesn't pan out, I'm totally going to get Bob to hire me. As Jess put it, "w00t nepotism!"

Later amigos!

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Oh sweet jesus... [28 Jun 2006|09:14am]
[ mood | 50% dead, but 100% happy ]

So life is running me pretty ragged, to the point where the only "relax" time I get is at work (like right now). That's a little bit sad, but its also what I love about summers. And the slightly frightening thing is that I haven't even gotten into St. Joe's stuff yet. Crazy.

I blame Greg, who wants to get me in shape to play frisbee, so he comes over every day at five and runs me into the ground until I'm too tired/light headed to stand and then leaves again. I like being in shape, and I feel better about sitting inside for 8 hours, but its still a bit painful.

I just got back from New York, which was amazing. The UCB Theatre had some awesome improv, I saw Avenue Q (fantastic!) and I got to see Peter, which I guess was okay, but mostly I went for the improv. :) Note: Peter = The Captain, in case anyone was confused.

So life is crazy awesome, I've got a 9-5 job, and I'm going to Puerto Rico on Friday, so I'm missing the Fourth of July, which is a little depressing, but my aunt has a new puppy that needs someone to put a stop to its underage drinking habits.

In short, things are good and that's all I can ask for.


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Lowell Comedy Festival [11 Jun 2006|10:53pm]
[ mood | exstatic! ]

Lowell Comedy Festival this past weekend rocked my fucking socks. It was amazing and awesome. I can't possibly put everything that was awesome down because I'd run out of energy before I finished typing half of it. But you can get a pretty good general idea from the following quote.

Joe Bill (see: Bassprov), through a puppet: "I'm from St. Louis and I don't want to improvise with you...But my dick does! Woooo!"

Trust me. It was awesome.

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insert subject here [22 May 2006|12:06pm]
[ mood | blah. ]

Life is decent. It's a little dull, but its summer and Kismet hasn't started up yet, so its supposed to be dull. I'm a tad sick, and I blame jess for that because her icecream was FAR too enticing despite the knowledge that she was dying. The Guatemala yardsale went well, with big profits and lots of exhaustion on my part. I used a shop vac to move 120 gallons of water out of a driveway. That's a fucking lot of water to vacuum up and carry to a storm drain about a block away. But you can't leave that to little old church ladies, they'd break a hip.

Rick called me today, so we're meeting to rehearse our show for kicks and possibly performance. More on that later if it pans out.

Now if I could just get this godforsaken job thing taken care of, I would be a lot less stressed out.

But hey, I've had two run-ins with the police and was not arrested either time, so life is pretty good! Of course, I haven't broken into an elementary school yet. That comes later.

Oh, and for those of you like EriQ who simply demanded to see that DVD again, three of the videos have been put up on youtube.

Ninjas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhokGRBThWE
Battle Royale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HROqBfO0fY8
Kidnapping: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oCLTciI9BA


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Dean Biggs [08 May 2006|11:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So, sarah linked to that professor rapping part of a canterbury tale and it reminded me of something. One of our deans, a near-40 white guy, has an alternate profession. He raps under the name Headmess. This amuses me and many others to no end. He's Peter's academic advisor, which I think explains something.

Hey, CNN thinks he's cool...

and his website, for amusement:

Not quite a Canterbury Tale, but it deserves a look, nonetheless.

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Cinco de mayo! [05 May 2006|10:01pm]
Hoy es cinco de mayo y no puedo estudiar más para mis examenes. Esto día los Mexicanos ganó su libertad de Napoleon y los frances. En esto día, todos son Méxicanos. Viva México!
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I wanna rock! [02 May 2006|12:11am]
[ mood | awesome ]

Warning: This post has a high narcisism rating. The writer has been known to toot her own horn, and not in the dirty way. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Back from Chicago Improv Festival and we fucking ROCKED!!! We were the last show of the college portion of the festival, so all the other college groups saw us, and we had one of the best shows we've ever had. It was just five of us, and we were completely on the same page and we took it slow and easy and everything came together PERFECTLY without thinking. Every scene came back and weaved in with the others and the audience ate it up. We weren't even going for laughs, we were just going for awesome, and when the last scene finished, everyone new it was the last scene, everyone on stage, and everyone in the audience. There was this moment of silence and then HUGE applause. It was the best feeling ever! Everyone at the afterparty that we ran into, including some of the organizers and people we met at the Dirty South Improv Festival came up to us and congratulated us on rocking out on that stage. It was wicked sweet.

Rick also participated in the Rap Battle as MC Coooookie Crisp, and was awesome, despite getting knocked out in the first round.

Meanwhile, back on campus, the other whistlers opened for Michael Ian Black and Eric got thrown out/arrested by WuPD for throwing chairs. :D

We flipping rock!

PS: the major theme of our piece at the CIF? Hating the spanish. ;)

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schedule and such [25 Apr 2006|07:52pm]
I forgot the requisite schedule post, of course. Tons of theatre courses. :D

11-12 General Physics 1
1-2 Intro to Human Evolution
2-4 Stage Rigging

11:30-1 Intro to Western Art
1-2:30 Theatre Culture Studies 1: The ancient stage: Origins and practice
4-5:30 Advanced Stage Lighting

see Monday, plus
4-6:30 General Physics 1 Lab

see Tuesday

see Monday, plus
12-1 Intro to Western Art Subsection

translation: Laura's killing herself next semester, especially considering any morning free time will be spent in the scene shop... Whee!
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coming down the home stretch [25 Apr 2006|07:12pm]
[ mood | dandy :D ]

Everything's wrapping up pretty well. What the Butler Saw went up pretty well, and I'm now in possession of an improvised straightjacket made by our lovely costume designer. Most of my classes are winding down, my research paper just needs a few more revisions and then its ready for the final turn-in. I'm halfway done with my paper light design and I'm meeting with a different director tomorrow morning.

I hate to say it, but this year is almost up. Just the fun stuff left. Oh, and finals. Haha.

I've only got 2 finals during finals week, though. Going to Chicago for the Chicago Improv Festival this friday. Sadly missing WILD for it, with Ben Folds headlining. Half the group is going to Chicago, and half is staying here and opening for Michael Ian Black doing some standup on saturday. Pretty sweet, no?

I think I'm home by the 10th or 11th. But after this weekend, i'm basically going to be bumming around in the scene shop and theater, because everything is just about wrapped and my finals should be a cakewalk. See y'all pretty fuckin' soon!

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hahaha! I'm gonna DIE! [15 Apr 2006|12:04pm]
[ mood | life rocks! ]

First off, the weather. 80 degrees for the past three days, and showing no signs of going down. There's something beautiful about 75 degrees at 2am. But enough of that.

I am going to die this weekend. I have a play that's going up, a British farce called What the Butler Saw, and I'm lighting designer and stage manager, because I have a death wish. This is hell week for the play, it goes up the 21st. We have our enourmous end of the year show for Whistlers on thursday night. Wednesday night I have to attend a rehearsal of ANOTHER play i'm light designing for, then the dress rehearsal for Butler and then help with a telethon for nothing to ring in 4.20. Fuckin' stoners.

Actually, it's amusing as hell. There's a giant cement ball at the underpass that we got to paint to advertise for our show. It came out very well. I'll take pictures of it sometime. But the great thing is the two foot joint on one side with 4.20 (the date of our show) written around it. It's visible from cars driving past on the street. If the administration isn't retarded, they'll whitewash it, or make us paint over it, because there is a blatant rule that says you can't encourage illegal substances on your advertisements, and it's definitely NOT a hand-rolled cigarrette.

Is anybody else causing too much trouble at their school? Has any body else been asked by a teacher to leave the class? Anybody else been called before administrators to account for their actions? Does anybody else's school police department have a vendetta against their student group due to recent actions?

College rocks. :D

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Um....no? [05 Apr 2006|12:39am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay, seriously, someone needs to inform Needham that it is no longer acceptable for its students to kill themselves. Because apparently some people did not get the memo. Before, it was just pointless and selfish. Now it is also overdone. Seriously, get a hobby! Needham is dull, but it isn't THAT dull. At this point, it's just pathetic. Everyone's doing it. Stop following the crowd and be original for once. Try *gasp* NOT killing yourself! Yeah, that could be fun. Hey! You could start a new trend! Living! I mean, do you really want to be the second or even third suicide in a year, or do you want to be the Boy Who Lived? You could be like Harry Potter and we can send you to a special magic school called college! Or, you could kill yourself now and let your friends and family weep over your worthless body. Hmmm. Yeah, I guess you're right. I'd pick the second one too. I WANT TO STAB YOU IN THE SPLEEN!

And now for something off-color and insensitive.

"Gee Tommy, I'm bored. what do you want to do today?"
"I don't know, Sally. This sure is dull."
"Hey, I have an idea! Let's go put the barrel of daddy's shotgun in our mouths and pull the trigger!"
"Gee whiz, Sally, that sounds swell! I'll get the bullets!"

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Take another ride down the sunshine highway... [01 Apr 2006|04:13pm]
[ mood | Whee! ]

It is flipping beautiful out.

Last week was prank week, and there is so much awesome to share that I absolutely refuse to type it so that I can accost you all with stories at later points in time.

Peter and I spent two hours last night around 10 out on the quad hacking at eachother with boffer weapons, playing with one of the really expensive, really realistic lightsabers, and throwing a giant frisbee around. It was 60 degrees out at night. It seemed like the thing to do. :D

Life is awesome. Spread the love! ...but not the AIDS.

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